Kalamazoo 1999

AVISTA Sponsored Sessions
at the 34th International Congress
on Medieval Studies, 1999



Session 178Schneider
Room 1140
Wood I: Timber Resources: Medieval Woodland Ecology
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: Lynn T. Courtena, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Presider: Lynn T. Courtenay

Medieval Woodland Resources AD 700-1200: Ecology and Management: Textual Evidence
Jeanne Schock, Univ. of Toronto
Woodland Resources and Medieval Buildings: The Archaeological Evidence
Oliver Rachham, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Panel Discussion: Dendrochronology and Woodland Resources
Nathaniel Alcock, Warwick Univ., UK; Daniel Miles, Oxford Dendrochronology Lab,; Patrick Hoffsummer, Univ. of Liège; W. Gavin Simpson, Nottingham Univ.

Session 231Schneider
Room 1140
Wood II: Timber Building Techniques, Working with Wood
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: Lynn T. Courtenay, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Presider: W. Gavin Simpson, Univ. of Nottingham

Timbers for Building Before and After 1180 AD in England, A Revolutin in Craft Practice
Damian Goodburn, Museum of London
Arabic Assembly Marks: A New Dimension in Early English Carpentry
Daniel Miles, Oxford Dendrochronology Lab
Wood: Its Choice and Utilization for Civil and Military Sources
Renaud Beffeyte, ARMÉDIÉVAL, France

Session 284Schneider
Room 1140
Wood III: Medieval Buildings: The Surviving Evidence
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: Lynn T. Courtenay, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Presider: Chris Currie, Institute of Historical Research, London Univ.

Medieval Timber Buildings and Social History: Cruck Construction in Medieval Houses: Structure and Dating
Nathaniel Alcok, Univ. of Warwick
Iron Bars and Ball-Flowers, Dendrochronology and Documents: A Critical Review of the Tower and Spire of Salisbury Cathedral
W. Gavin Simpson, Nottingham Univ.
Estimating the Weight of the Timber Scaffolding in the Spire of Salisbury Cathedral.
A Richard Jones, AVISTA

Session 338Schneider
Room 1140
Wood IV: Medieval Roofs 
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: Lynn T. Courtenay, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Presider: Nathaniel Alcock, Univ. of Warwick

Romanesque Common Tie-Beam roofs: Boscherville, Jumièges, and Soignies
Lynn Courtenay, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater
The Evolution of Roof Carpentry from the Loire to hte Meuse: Recent Typology and Dendrochronology Research
Patrick Hoffsummer, Univ. of Liège
Re-Thinking Base Crucks and Short Principles: Chronology and Distribution
Chris Currie, Institutite for Historical Research, Univ. of London

Session 394Schneider
Room 1140
Stone I: Resources and Technology
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: William W. Clark, Queen’s College, CUNY
Presider: William W. Clark

Masons and Mythology: Observations on the Art of Stoneworking in Medieval Ireland
Roger Stalley, Trinity College, Dublin
On the Road Again: Limestone Sculpture in Twelfth-Century France
Janet Snyder, West Virginia Univ.
Limestone and Chalk from Medieval Monuments in the Paris Basin
Annie Blanc, Centre de Recherches des Monuments Hitoriques
The Llerestory of Notre-Dame of Paris: Analysis of the Stones
Stephen Murray, Columbia Univ.
Discussant: Jean M. French, Bard College

Session 447 Schneider
Room 1140
Stone II: Techniques of Stonecarving
Sponsor: AVISTA
Organizer: William W. Clark, Queen’s College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Presider: William W. Clark

The Analysis of Romanesqe Architectural Sculpture: Verifying the Steps of a Methodology
Danielle V. Johnson, International Center of Medieval Art
Reims Cathedral Stone: A Critical Study and Recent Observations
Bruno Decrock, Conservation des Monuments Historiques, Chamapgne-Ardennes
Discussion and Demonstrtion of Stonecutting Tools and Techniques
Iris Feyler, Sculptor, and Elmar Henrich, York Univ.


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