Kalamazoo 2009

AVISTA sessions for the 44th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI 7-10 May 2009

New Directions in Medieval Architecture I

(Robert BORK and William W. CLARK)

Presider: Robert BORK (The University of Iowa)

  1. “The Longue Durée and the Life of Buildings”, Nick Camerlenghi (Louisiana State University)
  2. “Money, Documents, and Stones.  A New Chronology for St. Denis?” William W. CLARK (Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY) and Thomas G. WALDMAN (University of Pennsylvania)
  3. “Rethinking Medieval Structure,” Andrew TALLON (Vassar College)
  4. “The Medieval Design Process at Southwell Minster,” Lisa REILLY (University of Virginia)

New Directions in Medieval Architecture II

(Robert BORK and William W. CLARK)

Presider: Virginia JANSEN (UC Santa Cruz)

  1. “Connecting the Dots: Towards “Geometrical Connoisseurship”,” Robert BORK (University of Iowa)
  2. “The Hand of the Master: Architects and Entrepreneurs in Late Gothic Paris,” Abby MCGEHEE (Oregon College of Art and Craft)
  3. “Old Questions, New Technologies, Different Voices: Finding Directions for the Study of Medieval Architecture,” Michael DAVIS (Mount Holyoke College)

Lines of Thought: Drawing Diagrams and Figures to Think, Analyse, and  Prove


Presider: Paul SAENGER (Newberry Library)

  1. “Drawing and speaking – On the interaction of diagrammatic and verbal explanation in cosmological and astronomical treatises of the 12th and 13th centuries,” Kathrin MÜLLER (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz)
  2. “Lines of Time: History-telling in Diagram and Genealogical Tree,” Marigold Anne NORBYE (University College London)
  3. “Chartres Cathedral: A New ‘Perspective?’,” Karen WEBB (University of Pittsburgh)
  4. “Lines of Thought and Thoughts of Lines: Looking Back-Looking Forward,” Renzo BALDASSO (Newberry Library)

Book Technologies I: Marking Places


Presider: Shana WORTHEN (Univ. of Arkansas – Little Rock)

  1. “Technologies for Medieval Readers: The Use and Manufacture of Bookmarks,” Heather BLATT (Fordham University)
  2. “Finding a Plant in an Early Herbal,” Karen REEDS (Princeton Research Forum: University of Pennsylvania)
  3. “Representation of Custom, Globalization, and Crisis: The Pearl Poem, Collective News Gift Use, Pearl-Gawain Manuscript,” Martha L. REINER (UC-Berkeley)

Book Technologies II: Organization


Presider: Steven A. WALTON (Pennsylvania State University)

  1. “Livre or Let Die: The Preservation of Ecclesiastical Engineering in the Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt, “ George BROOKS (Valencia Community College)
  2. “Visualization and Thematic Mapping in Conrad Buitzruss’s Compendium,” Elizabeth WADE-SIRABIAN (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
  3. “Numbering by the books: the transition from Roman to Hindu-Arabic numerals in late medieval book technologies,” Stephen CHRISOMALIS (Wayne State University)

Reception: Friday evening 5:00–6:30

Annual Meeting: Saturday, 12:00–1:15pm

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