AFJ 21.1/2: Medieval Brewing

The next issue of the AVSITA Forum Journal should be mailing this week or next, so check your mailboxes soon.  It is a special topic issue on Medieval Brewing.  For the table of contents, see below, and for ordering individual copies, click here.

A Special Topic Issue:

Medieval Brewing


“Introduction: An Epistemology of Medieval Brewing: Evidence, inference, and the educated guess,” by Stephen C. Law, pp. 3-17

“Exploring the St. Paul’s Domesday Ale Recipe: Medieval brewing praxis and modern recreation,’ by Henry Davis and Steven A. Walton, pp. 18-33 (includes “A Modern Domesday Ale,” by Henry Davis)

“The Alewife: Changing images and bad brews,” by Theresa A. Vaughan, pp. 34-41

“The Role of Drinking Horns in Medieval England,” by Morgan Dickson, pp. 42-47

Gruit and the Preservation of Beer in the Middle Ages,” by Richard W. Unger, pp. 48-54

“Monastic Asceticism and the Rationalization of Beer Making in the Middle Ages,” by Michael A. Elliott, p. 55-61

“Ale Production and Consumption in Late Medieval England, c.1250–1530: Evidence from manorial estates,” by Philip Slavin, pp. 62-72

“Beer: Necessity or luxury?” by Max Nelson, p.. 73-85

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