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Medieval Brewing

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This issue of the AVISTA Forum Journal brings together nine scholars of medieval brewing in eight articles (and one recipe!) to investigate the process, role, and meaning of brewing and beer drinking in the middle ages.  The table of contents stretches form the late Roman to the early modern period and ranges across all of western Europe.


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Medieval Brewing


  • “Introduction: An Epistemology of Medieval Brewing: Evidence, inference, and the educated guess,” by Stephen C. Law, pp. 3-17
  • “Exploring the St. Paul’s Domesday Ale Recipe: Medieval brewing praxis and modern recreation,’ by Henry Davis and Steven A. Walton, pp. 18-33 (includes recipe for “A Modern Domesday Ale,” by Henry Davis)
  • “The Alewife: Changing images and bad brews,” by Theresa A. Vaughan, pp. 34-41
  • “The Role of Drinking Horns in Medieval England,” by Morgan Dickson, pp. 42-47
  • Gruit and the Preservation of Beer in the Middle Ages,” by Richard W. Unger, pp. 48-54
  • “Monastic Asceticism and the Rationalization of Beer Making in the Middle Ages,” by Michael A. Elliott, p. 55-61
  • “Ale Production and Consumption in Late Medieval England, c.1250–1530: Evidence from manorial estates,” by Philip Slavin, pp. 62-72
  • “Beer: Necessity or luxury?” by Max Nelson, p.. 73-85

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