AFJ 3.1 (Fall 1988)

Get the PDF version here

Get the PDF version here

Table of Contents  Page
Message from the President 1
Call for Papers – AVISTA Sessions at Kalamazoo, May 1990 2
Program – AVISTA Sessions May 1989 3
Notes and Queries 4
Reviews of Articles
Marjorie N. Boyer on Wheels in History 5
Constance H. Berman on Medieval Misogyny 6
George Saliba on Islamic Mathematics and Science 6
Bert S. Hall on Military Architecture 8
Pamela O. Long on The Social Functions of Late Medieval Anatomy 10
Papers on Medieval/Early Modern Technology read at SHOT 11
News and Announcements 14
Recent and Forthcoming Papers 15
New Periodicals 18
Activities…Past, Present, Future 18
Bibliography of AVISTA Library 24
Minutes, 1988 Annual Business Meeting 26
Editorial Board 27
AVISTA Membership Application 27


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