Kalamazoo 2014

For the upcoming 49th ICMS, AVISTA is pleased to have the following sessions in the works:

In Memoriam Carl F. Barnes, Jr. I: Villard de Honnecourt

    • Organizer: George Brooks, Valencia College
    • Presider: Michael Davis, Mount Holyoke College
  • Speaker 1: “Carl Barnes and Villard de Honnecourt: a 50-year voyage of discovery,” William W. Clark, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Speaker 2: “Just Who Was Villard de Honnecourt? The Friendly Rivalry between Carl Barnes and Francois Bucher over the Interpretation of the Villard Manuscript,” George Brooks, Valencia College
  • Speaker 3: “Vellum to Vectors: Computerised Analysis of Architectural Drawings,” Banu Pekol, Independent Researcher, Istanbul-Turkey

11/10: Abstracts for “In Memoriam Carl F. Barnes, Jr. I: Villard de Honnecourt” may be found here.

In Memoriam Carl F. Barnes, Jr. II: Architectural Studies

    • Organizer: Ellen M Shortell, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
    • Presider: Madeline H Caviness, Professor Emeritus, Tufts University
  • Speaker 1: “Carl Barnes and the Nave Stained Glass of Soissons Cathedral: Another Look,” Meredith Parsons Lillich, Syracuse University, Emerita
  • Speaker 2: “Acoustics at the intersection of architecture and music: the “caveau phonocamptique” of the cathedral of Noyon,” Andrew Tallon, Vassar College
  • Speaker 3: “Deconstructing Saint-Julien-du-Sault,” Evelyn Staudinger, Wheaton College
  • Speaker 4: “The View Across the Transepts: Visual Harmony and Dissonance at Soissons and Saint-Quentin,” Ellen M Shortell, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

7/14: Abstracts for “In Memoriam Carl F. Barnes, Jr. II: Architectural Studies” can be found here.

Stone: New Research concerning Masons & Sculptors I

    • Presiding:  Janet Snyder, West Virginia University
  • Speaker 1: “The Architectural Origins, Optics and Allegories of Medieval Stone Sculpture,” Peter Scott Brown, University of North Florida 
  • Speaker 2: “Profile of a Building (Process): San Quirce de Burgos and the Rural Romanesque in Castile,” Amanda W. Dotseth, Courtauld Institute of Art and Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Instituto de Historia, CSIC, Madrid
  • Speaker 3: “The Intersection of North and South: Medieval Architectural Theory at the Cathedral of Milan,” Christina A. Noe, The University of Oklahoma
  • Speaker 4: “Seeing the Stones: A Demonstration of the Power of Immersive Imagery in the Study of Medieval Sculpture,” Chris Henige, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Stone: New Research concerning Masons & Sculptors II

    • Discussant: Michael T. Davis, Mount Holyoke College
  • Speaker 1: “Marginal drawings in stone: some implications of hidden sketches at S. Maria de Piasca for twelfth-century sculptural practices in northern Spain,” Tessa Garton, College of Charleston
  • Speaker 2: “Applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the study of Romanesque capital distribution in the Brionnais: a Pilot Study,” Vibeke Olson, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Speaker 3: “Solving the Image Puzzle: A reassessment with new tools,” Janet Snyder, West Virginia University

6/2014: Abstracts for Stone I and II can be found here.

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