Report from the Clark Symposium

Along with the Medieval Studies Certificate Program of the CUNY Graduate Center, AVISTA cosponsored William W. Clark: A Celebration, a symposium honoring long-time AVISTA member Bill Clark’s contributions to the field of medieval architecture on the occasion of his 75th year, on February 10th, 2015. The Segal Theater at the Graduate Center was filled to capacity with friends and fellow scholars, who were treated to a thought-provoking program on French medieval architecture. The presenters, in order, were Madeline Caviness, “Rendez-vous in Space”; Tom Waldman, “Ambrosius Autpertus’s Commentary on the Apocalypse: A Source for Suger’s Church of Saint-Denis?”; Dany Sandron, “Paris to Orléans and Back Again: The Mysterious Project for a Gothic Spire (ca. 1530)” (read by Nancy Wu); Michael Davis, “Thought, Sight, and Gothic Architecture”; Andrew Tallon: The Superstructure of Suger’s Chevet at Saint-Denis”; Charles Little, “Lost and Found: New Elements from the Tomb of Philippe III le Hardi at St-Denis”; and Peter Kurmann, “Reims Reconsidered: New Evidence for Dating the West Facade.” The morning and afternoon sessions were opened and closed with fond remarks from friends; Bill’s daring explorations of Gothic structures were especially remarked. A Festschrift drawing from the day’s papers should be in the works soon.

Many AVISTA members were among the attendees and it was wonderful to see such a strong turnout. Congratulations to Bill, and thank you to all the speakers, organizers, and donors on behalf of AVISTA.

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