Kalamazoo Sessions 2017

Note, 5/17: Abstracts for Buildings, Planning, and Networks of Medieval Cities may be found here

Medieval Tools (A Roundtable)

Thursday 10:00 AM
Sangren 1710

Sponsored by AVISTA and DISTAFF (Discussion, Interpretation, and Study of Textile Arts, Fabrics, and Fashion); EXARC; Medica: The Society for the Study of Healing in the Middle Ages; Research Group on Manuscript Evidence; Societas Magica
Presider: Sean M. Winslow, University of Toronto

A roundtable discussion with Constance H. Berman, University of Iowa; Carla Tilghman, Washburn University; Frank Klaassen, University of Saskatchewan; Linda Ehrsam Voigts, University of Missouri–Kansas City; and Darrell Markewitz, Wareham Forge (note: Mr. Markewitz was unable to attend).

Buildings, Planning, and Networks of Medieval Cities I

Thursday 1:30 PM
Bernhard 158
Presider: Mickey Abel, University of North Texas

  1. “The Congregation of Tiron: Urban Development in Medieval France and Britain,” Ruth Cline, Georgetown University
  2. “Resident and Absentee Planners in New Town Development of Thirteenth-Century Languedoc,” Catherine Barrett, University of Oklahoma
  3. “Angevin Manfredonia and the Development of a New Adriatic Port,” Alexander Harper, Princeton University
  4. “Orsanmichele: A Florentine Civic, Commercial, and Religious Space, and Its Loggias, to 1337,” Marie D’Aguanno Ito, American University

Buildings, Planning, and Networks of Medieval Cities II

Thursday 3:30 PM
Sangren 1910
Presider: Erik Gustafson, George Mason University

  1. “Sacred Places: Rethinking the Limits between Urban and Rural Space: the Example of the ‘Cubas’ from Southern Portugal,” Luis Ferro, Universidade do Porto cancelled
  2. “Building a Brand: Abbot Desiderius’s Development of a Monastic Identity,” Rachel Hiser, University of North Texas
  3. “Water as the Philosophical and Organizational Basis for an ‘Urban’ Community Plan: The Case of Maillezais Abbey,” Mickey Abel, University of North Texas
  4. “’Any Place I Hang My Hat’: Peripatetic Ymagiers and the Emergence of Urbs,” Janet Snyder, University of West Virginia

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