Pilgrim badge casting demo rescheduled for 2018 Congress

Those of you that were at Kalamazoo 2017 may remember that the pilgrim badge casting demonstration by Darrel Markewitz that was partly sponsored by AVISTA had to be cancelled when he was denied entry into the US by the border guards.  Sadly, he will be unable to join us again this next year (and maybe never again: full frustrating story here), but Steve Walton and George Brooks will be putting on the demo in 2018.

Our accepted proposal is as follows:

Casting an ICMS Pilgrim’s Badge
(A Workshop)

Sponsored by

  • AVISTA: The Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Technology, Science and Art in the Middle Ages
  • DARC: Dark Ages Recreation Company

Suggested location: Goldsworth Valley Pond

A hands-on workshop lead by AVISTA will allow attendees to learn the process of casting pewter tokens in a soapstone mold as was done in the Middle Ages. Many literary scholars see history in isolation from the artifacts and processes of the period under study. Adding a demonstration of techniques and technologies that have been understood or reproduced using experimental archaeological (xArch) methods allows attendees of ICMS to enhance their appreciation of the underlying artifacts and technologies.

This experiential archaeology session will allow attendees the opportunity to cast a pilgrim’s badge they can take away for a cost of $5.

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