AVISTA at the Medieval Academy Annual Meeting 2018

Zachary Stewart chaired an AVISTA panel, “Restoring Medieval Buildings,” at this year’s MAA meeting at Emory University. Our work was well-received and led to a lively discussion on the ethics of restoration. The presenters and their talks:

Post-Medieval Interventions in the North Transept of Reims Cathedral
Jennifer M. Feltman, University of Alabama

Technology to Freeze Time at Lassus’ and Viollet-le-Duc’s Notre-Dame of Paris
Lindsay Cook, Columbia University

La réalité d’un chantier médiévale: A Proposed Public Workshop at Saint-Denis
Sarah Thompson, Rochester Institute of Technology

Response. Mend, Repair, Restore: Reflections on the Ethics of Tending the Architectural Corpus
Zachary Stewart, Texas A&M University

We would like to expand AVISTA’s presence beyond Kalamazoo. Members with an interest in proposing a panel or panels at relevant medieval conferences should make suggestions to the Board of Directors.

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