Kalamazoo Sessions 2019

New Approaches to Old Problems: Using Modern Technology to Investigate Medieval Material Culture

Thursday 10:00 AM
Bernhard 209

Organizer and Presider: Vibeke Olson, Univ. of North Carolina–Wilmington

  1. “From the Square to the Scanner: Revisiting the Geometries of Reims and Metz Cathedrals Using LiDAR,” Rebecca Smith, Wake Technical Community College; Robert Bork, Univ. of Iowa [Abstract]
  2. “3-D Modeling and GIS Mapping of the Towers and Bell Towers of Medieval Rome,” Nicola Camerlenghi, Dartmouth College [Abstract]
  3. “To Divide the Light from Darkness: Architecture and Liturgy in the Churches of Norse Greenland,” Jess A. McCullough, College of St. Scholastica

Buildings that Aren’t Churches: The Wider Field of Medieval Architecture

Thursday 1:30 PM
Bernhard 209

Organizer and Presider: Maile Hutterer, University of Oregon

  1. “The Grand Master’s Palace in Marienburg: New Research on the Most Modern Palace of the Late Middle Ages,” Christofer Herrmann, Technische Univ. Berlin
  2. “Biographies of Buildings: Unexpected Stories from Earlier Medieval Manors,” Katherine Weikert, Univ. of Winchester
  3. “History in Stone: Visual Biography and Mythmaking in Ávila’s Medieval Walls,” Hannah Maryan Thomson, Univ. of California–Los Angeles

Medieval Ales Revisited: The Continuing Debate about Hops and Gruit

Thursday 3:30 PM
Bernhard 209

Organizer: Stephen Law, Medieval Brewer’s Guild/AVISTA
Presider: George Brooks, Valencia College

  1. “Medieval Gruit Ales Revisited: New Theories about Old Beverages,” Susan Verberg, Independant Scholar
  2. “Microbial Susceptibility of Hopped and Non-Hopped Ales,” Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Univ. of Central Arkansas; Ben Rowley, Univ. of Central Arkansas
  3. “Hildegard’s Cerevisiarius: Replicating the Ales of Eibingen Abbey,” Stephen C. Law
  4. “The Gallic Origins and the Spread of Beer-Hopping,” Max Nelson, Univ. of Windsor

Archaeology and Experiment: Moving beyond the Artifacts

Saturday 10:00 AM
Bernhard 209

Organizer and Presider: Neil Peterson, EXARC

  1. “Working with Craftsmen: the ‘It Depends’ Dilemma,” Christina Petty, Univ. of Manchester
  2. “Experiencing Viking Age Spinning Technologies,”  V. M. Roberts, York Univ.
  3. “Modeling of the Thermodynamic Properties of Interior Processes within a Barrel Smelter Using Measurements of Exterior Temperature Gradients,”  Robert Gissing, Conestoga College
  4. ” The Making and Breaking of Moulds: An Experimental Approach to Non-Ferrous Metalworking in Sweden,”  Rachel Cogswell, Univ. College Dublin

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