The International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo is going to be held virtually this year, but there are many AVISTA-related events to attend! The Congress is being held over Zoom; information and registration links may be found here: https://wmich.edu/medievalcongress

Registrants should watch for the full 2021 Congress website to go live on May 7th. The Congress organizers encourage those planning to attend to make sure they have downloaded the Zoom app (https://zoom.us/) in advance to familiarize themselves with its setup, and those who already use Zoom to make sure they have updated to the latest version. The free, basic Zoom plan should be fine for attendees. 

AVISTA events at ICMS 2021

Our annual business meeting will take place Monday, May 10th, from 7 PM – 8:30 PM. All members at the conference are welcome. We will give officers’ reports on business over the past year and prospects for upcoming years, and will discuss topics for conference sessions in the year to come, among other issues. Please join in! Note that the meeting will be recorded and made available for viewing via the ICMS website. Updates from the meeting will also be posted on http://www.avista.org/.

If you are not able to attend but have a conference session/theme idea to suggest, please email George Brooks, AVISTA President: gbrooks@valenciacollege.edu

AVISTA sessions are all to be held Saturday, May 15th. Join us for what promises to be an exciting day of new scholarship paying tribute to the contributions of our dearly missed late colleagues, Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon. 

11AM: Session 398, Remembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon I: Personal Perspectives (A Roundtable). Rob Bork will preside over this roundtable discussion featuring Ellen Shortell, Elizabeth Bradford Smith, Nancy Wu, and Sergio L. Sanabria. 

1PM: Session 418, Remembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon II: Interdisciplinarity in Studying Gothic. Nancy Wu will preside over a session with papers by Sergio L. Sanabria, Kyle Killian, Michael T. Davis, and Murray G. Rochon. 

3PM: Session 431, Remembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon III: Gothic Structure. Ellen Shortell will preside over a session with papers by James Hillson, Elizabeth Bradford Smith, and Rebecca Avery Smith. 

5PM: Session 444, Remembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon IV: Notre-Dame in Paris. Michael T. Davis will preside over a session with papers by Rob Bork, Dany Sandron, and Lindsay Cook.

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