AVISTA Book Series

AVISTA Studies in the History of Medieval Technology, Science and Art
is a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary book series published by Brill. The series publishes scholarly work on a variety of aspects of technology, science, art, and architecture of the Middle Ages, especially works that emphasize the interrelationship of these fields. The series aims to promote a cross-disciplinary perspective, and submissions are encouraged from any field of study, including (but not limited to) history, art and architectural history, manuscript studies, literature, and history of science. Studies with a closer focus or works examining wider contexts and global developments are equally welcomed. The series publishes monographs, thematic edited volumes, and, on occasion, text editions and translations.

Call for Manuscripts

All proposals from early career projects to those from established scholars are invited. The themes of submission may include (but are not limited to): medieval architectural history, construction technologies, material culture, the use of new technologies in the study of medieval art and architecture, scientific knowledge in the Middle Ages, travel, craft, and the historiography of these topics.

Manuscripts should be in English and should consist of 80,000-200,000 words. Generous provision for black-and-white and full color images is made. All volumes will be subject to Brill’s standard peer review procedure. Proposals should follow Brill’s Guidelines for Book Proposal. For further information on how to submit a proposal or manuscript, please contact the series editor, Jennifer M. Feltman (jmfeltman@ua.edu), or the publisher, Kate Hammond (hammond@brill.com).

Editorial Board

Robert Bork, University of Iowa
George Brooks, Valencia College
Ellen Shortell, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
Sarah Thompson, Rochester Institute of Technology

ISSN: 2634-4750

Volume 14: Best of AFJ, ed. George Brooks and Maile Hutterer – forthcoming 2022

The series was previously published by Ashgate and Routledge. Previous volumes in the series include (reviews noted):

Volume 13: Fifty Years of Medieval Technology and Social Change, ed. Steven Walton – September 2019.

Volume 12: The Long Lives of Medieval Art and Architecture, ed. Jennifer M. Feltman and Sarah Thompson – March 2019.

Volume 11: The North Transept of Reims Cathedral: Design, Construction, and Visual Programs, ed. Jennifer M. Feltman – July 2016.

Volume 10: The Sacred and Secular in Medieval Healing: Sites, Objects, and Texts, eds. Barbara S. Bowers and Linda Migl Keyser – July 2016.

Volume 9: Arts of the Cathedrals: Studies on Architecture, Stained Glass, and Sculpture in Honor of Anne Prache, eds. Kathleen Nolan and Dany Sandron – May 2015. [Introduction]

Volume 8: New Approaches to Medieval Architecture, ed. Robert Bork and William W. Clark – June 2011. [Introduction]

  • Judith Collard in Parergon 29.1 (2012): 195-197.
  • Sarah Thompson in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 71.3 (2012): 416-418.
  • Caroline Bruzelius in The Medieval Review TMR 12.03.25 (2012).
  • Claire Labrecque in The Canadian Journal of History 47.1 (2012): 623-25.
  • Notice: Medium Aevum 81.1 (2012): 180-181.

Volume 7: Working with Limestone, ed. Vibeke Olson – February 2011. [Introduction]

  • Michael T. Davis in Speculum 87.4 (2012): 1235-1237.
  • Notice: Medium Aevum 80.2 (2011): 375.

Volume 6: The Art, Science, and Technology of Medieval Travel, ed. Robert Bork and Andrea Kann – October 2008. [Introduction]

    • Iain Macleod Higgins in Aestimatio 6 (2009): 196-206.
    • Kristen Figg in Technology and Culture 51 (2010): 499-500.
    • D. Harrison in English Historical Review 124, no. 511 (2009).
    • Lucy Donkin in Imago Mundi 63.1 (2011): 109-110.
    • Max Lejbowicz in Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales 16 (2008).
    • Notice: Medium Aevum 78.1 (2009): 174).

Volume 5: Visualizing Medieval Medicine and Natural History, 1200-1550, eds. Jean A. Givens, Karen M. Reeds, and Alain Touwaide – October 2006.  [Table of Contents and Introduction]

    • Caroline Proctor in Medical History 52.1 (2008): 146-47.
    • Martin Kemp in British Journal for the History of Science 42.4 (2009): 602-603.
    • Scott L Montgomery in Isis 99.2 (2008): 394-95 [co-reviewed with Jean A. Givens, Observation and Image-Making in Gothic Art].
    • Larry Silver in Sixteenth-Century Journal 39.1 (2008): 1117-8.
    • I.M. McCleery in English Historical Review 123 (2008): 1297-1299.
    • Minta Collins in Bulletin of the History of Medicine 82 (2008): 704-706.
    • Peregrine Horden in Social History of Medicine 21 (2008): 193-196.
    • Scitech Book News XXX (1 March 2007): 31.
    • Wallace Kirsop in Renaissance Quarterly 60.3 (2007): 992-994.
    • R. Jansen-Sieben in Bulletin codicologique XXX (2007): 2.
    • Florike Egemond in Nuncius XXX (2007): 362-3.
    • Sachiko Kusukawa in Early Science and Medicine 16 (XXX): 354-355
    • Vivian Nutton in Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science 19 (2010): 83-85

Volume 4: De Re Metallica, ed. Robert Bork et al. – July 2005

  • Craig Martin in Bulletin of the History of Chemistry 32 (2007): 60-61. [PDF: Bork_MetallicaReviewBullHistChem]
  • SciTech Book News, December 1, 2005.
  • Andrea Bernardoni in Nuncius 21.2 (2006): 381-382.
  • [brief notice] Speculum 81.2 (2006): 641-642.

Volume 3: The Medieval Hospital and Medical Practice, ed. Barbara S. Bowers – January 2007

Volume 2: Villard’s Legacy, ed. Marie-Therese Zenner – August 2004

  • [brief notice] Speculum 80.2 (2005): 700.

Volume 1: Ad Quadratum, ed. Nancy Wu – December 2002

    • “L.B.” in Metascience 17 (2008): 173-175.
    • Christian Freigang in Speculum 80.1 (2005): 350-352.
    • Jane Kennedy in Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association Journal XXX (2003): XXX
    • Janice Mann in CAA Online Reviews XXX (2004)
    •  Architectural Science Review 46 (2003): 337-338.

Other Publications

The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS Fr 19093): A New Critical Edition and Color Facsimile with a glossary by Stacey L. Hahn, Carl F. Barnes, Jr. – July 2009. [Table of Contents] [Foreword]

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