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ICMS Kalamazoo Abstracts, 2022

Restoring Medieval Art and Architecture I: Technology in Documentation and Research “Visualizing Time: Analyzing and Documenting Layers of Polychromy on the Last Judgment Portal of Notre-Dame,” Jennifer M. Feltman, University of Alabama The sculptures of the west façade of Notre-Dame in Paris were originally richly painted or polychromed. Flesh tones and rouge enlivened the faces Continue Reading

Kalamazoo 2019 Abstracts

From the Square to the Scanner: Revisiting the Geometries of Reims and Metz Cathedrals Using LiDAR, Rebecca Smith, Wake Technical Community College; Robert Bork, Univ. of Iowa Modern technologies such as LiDAR scanning and CAD modeling can be used fruitfully in conjunction with each other to address some of the oldest and most fundamental questions Continue Reading