Villard Subject Checklist

The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt
Paris, Bibl. nat., MS Fr 19093
© Carl F. Barnes, Jr., 2001 

Quick Checklist of Subjects by Folio

Folio Subjects, Top to Bottom
1r Miscellaneous / Felibien Inscription / Saint-Germain-des-Pres Number
1v “Preface” / Seated Apostles / Man and Woman / Tumbler (Salome?)
2r Villard, who went to Hungary / Snail
2v Crucifixion
3r Later Copy of 2v / later Pilaster
3v Pride / Humility
4r Bear / Swan / Architectural Motif (Heavenly Jerusalem?)
4v Ecclesia
5r Perpetual Motion Device
5v Leaf Faces / Leaf Rinceau / Leaves
6r Tomb of a Saracen
6v Horologe / Dragon
7r Lectern
7v Insects / Labyrinth
8r Crucifixion Group / later “Greek” Inscription, date 1533
8v Two Mounted Knights
9r Gamblers / Tantalus Cup / Handwarmer
9v Laon Tower Plan / Turret / Bearded Head
10r Laon Tower Elevation
10v Virgin and Child / Reims Nave Aisle Window
11r Seated Christ / Dragon on Foliate Motif
11v Standing Nude beside Altar
12r Prostitute who appeared before Solomon
12v Seated Knight / Bishop / Magus pointing at a Star
13r Unidentified (Joseph and Brothers? Christ before Caiphias?)
13v Deposition / Lion and Ox Evangelist Symbols
14r Seated Knight with Falcon and Lady
14v Wrestlers / Cistercian Squares Church Plan / Cambrai Choir Plan
15r Plan “devised” by Villard and Pierre de Corbie / Meaux Choir Plan
15v Hungarian (Pilis?) Paving Tiles / Pier Plan / Chartres West Rose
16r Lausanne South Transept Rose / Seated Figure (Moses removing Sandals?)
16v Majestas Domini
17r Vaucelles Choir Plan / Prone Sleeping Apostle
17v Roofing Schemes / Sconce
18r Bearded Head / Beginning of Geometrical Figures
18v Geometrical Figures
19r Geometrical Figures
19v Geometrical Figures, including “Face in the Square”
20r “By this means one . . .” (Palimpsest later than Villard)
20v “By this means one . . .” (Palimpsest later than Villard)
21r “By this means one . . .” (Palimpsest later than Villard)
21v Wheel of Fortune / Two later Recipes (Waterproofing / Depilatory)
22r Leaf Faces / Standing and Seated Nudes
22v Carpentry Devices
23r Carpentry Devices
23v Seated Sleeping Apostle / Soldier Mounting a Horse
24r Lion Training
24v Frontal Lion / Porcupine
25r Seated King (Solomon?)
25v Standing Christ with Disk / Archer and Spearman
26r Parakeets / Man playing a Violin / Dog / Woman with Bird / Dog
26v Three Scenes of Lion Killing
27r Gladiator(?) and Lion / Martyrdom of Sts. Cosmas and Damian
27v Two Side Views of Choir Stalls / Christ (?) Blessing
28r Prophet with Scroll / Apostle (St. John the Evangelist?)
28v Flagellation of Christ / Arrest of Christ
29r Side View of Choir Stall
29v Man in Chlamys
30r Plan of a Trebuchet
30v Reims Radiating Chapel Interior
31r Reims Chapel Exterior
31v Reims Nave Interior and Exterior Elevations
32r Reims Pier Plans and Templates
32v Reims Choir Buttresses
33r Cannabis Elixir Recipe / Flower Color Preserver Recipe
33v J. Mancel Comment (15th Century) that “there are 41 leaves in the book”
Revised 23 February 2005


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