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CASELLI, GIOVANNIThe Everyday Life of a Cathedral Builder, London: Macdonald & Company, 1987.

A charming book for young people narrating and depicting in lovely (watercolor?) drawings various aspects of cathedral building in 13th-century France. Villard is called a “master architect … who was famous all over Europe.” It is noted that Villard went to Hungary, but here he is presented as architect of Chartres.

Villard’s assemblage of drawings is called in one place a “notebook” and in another a “sketchbook.”

REBILLARD, GEORGES [Director] and YVES THALER [Camerman]. Villard de Honnecourt: Builder of Cathedrals, n.d.

A 15-minute black-and-white 16 mm. film, said to be an International Film Festival award winner, that gives a very romantic look at Gothic architecture in general and at Villard in particular. Both French and English versions are available.

Villard is called a 13th-century architect who is credited with the design of Kassa and Marburg and probably with the designs of Cambrai and Vaucelles. Villard’s inscriptions are very freely (and, in some instances, inaccurately) translated. The photographs of the Villard drawings are made from the Hahnloser facsimile.

Available from the Roland Collection, 22-D Hollywood Avenue, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423.

LETSCHERT, JOS. A. “Honnecourt Sketchbook” on Story,  [1992]

One of the more bizarre interpretations of the Villard portfolio as a “sketchbook [that] is basically a study in certain aspects of primary education. It is a study about [such] issues as: the choice of content, motivating children, how to plan activities and how to design parts of the curriculum.”

The author proposes that ca. 1235 Villard, “an architect from the neighbourhood of Kamerijk, compiled a sketchbook with drawings and notes about elements of Gothic architecture, which he had discovered and admired in different places during many journeys.”

BARNES, CARL F. JR. “Vilard de Honnecourt,” Wikipedia,

Very brief overview of Villard for the uninitiated.

21 August 2010

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